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“Pokkiri” film controversy ends with assurance from school principal that the violent film will not be shown to non-Malay  primary school students and admitting that its screening was a mistake


Media Statement (2)       
by Lim Kit Siang  


(Parliament, Thursday) : The “Pokkiri” film controversy ends with the assurance by the principal of the SK Taman Hi-Tech, Kulim that the film which parents complained of being one of “violence and sensuality” and unsuitable for Primary One pupils would not be shown to non-Malay primary school students and admitting that its screening was a mistake. 

Ten days ago, I blogged as well as raised in Parliament the complaint from Vimaleson Gunaratnam, a parent of a seven-year-old pupil at SK Taman Hi-Tech, Kulim that non-Malay students in the school were separated from Malay students for the whole morning session until recess time for two consecutive days and shown a Tamil movie, Pokkiri, which is full of violence and sensuality.

He sent a letter of protest to the school principal as he was particularly incensed that the movie Pokkiri, (translated the meaning is “Thug”) starred by Vijay, is shown in school when he would not allow such a movie at home.

Several parents of pupils in the school have written to my blog in support of Vimaleson’s complaint.

Yesterday, I received through my blog an email from Vimaleson informing me that the “Pokkiri” film controversy has ended with an assurance from the principal of the school that the violent film will not be shown to non-Malay primary school pupils and admitting that its screening was a mistake.

This is Vimaleson’s email:

I thank you for all the support given. Some of the parents and I met the school authorities on Sunday and here is there outcome.


As expected the PIBG YDP did not attend the meeting, although earlier he personally told me he will.


The HM agreed that the movie is not suitable to be shown in school. He trully regretted it happened.


The HM said the movie was brought by a Standard 5 student and played by the teachers. How weird?????????


HM questioned why he was not contacted before escalating.


Reply given- the email was sent on this issue but no response for 4 days. Email sent on another issue but no response for more than 1 month. So it was perceived that the school not interested in replying. Reasonable opportunity given to school, but they did not use it.

HM said that he didn’t know there was an email, but the PK Academic admitted reading and didn’t bother to tell the HM.

The PK Academic was harping on the matter that it was shown only on 1 day. But it doesn’t matter, even for 1 hour the movie must not be shown in school. The movie is rated as 18SG, therefore not meant for primary school kids. It is a violation of Copyright Act, the movie is for home viewing only.


Agreement achieved in summary:
The school must respond all forms of communication, including emails,, within 1 working day.
The school will make a written reply on this issue.
The school will not show movies in schools.
A proper program need to be made if no classes is conducted on certain times. Watching movies or placing the students in library is not a solution.


Dear bloggers,
I would like to thank you too.

I applaud Vimaleson for his public-spiritedness and the support he had received from other like-minded parents from his school which enabled the Pokkiri controversy to be brought to a satisfactory conclusion. It is also a demonstration that parents cared enough about their children’s education and upbringing in school as to take a keen interest as to what is going on in school – a most commendable attitude which should be emulated by every parent in the country.

Let Vimaleson also be an example to all Malaysians that they must speak up when there is anything wrong or amiss in order to rectify them instead of suffering in silence.


* Lim Kit Siang, Parliamentary Opposition Leader, MP for Ipoh Timur & DAP Central Policy and Strategic Planning Commission Chairman

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