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The massive attacks planned by the New Jersey wolf/wolves foiled


Media Statement

by Lim Kit Siang  

, Friday):  With effect from 001 hours 11th November 2005, I moved my blog from to  It foiled a massive attack on my blog planned by the New Jersey wolf/wolves, probably during this weekend.

The wolf/wolves of New Jersey had been rehearsing for such a massive attack, shooting off  six comments with pornographic URL to my  last five postings in the few hours before the  migration, namely:

  • 2-4-3 controversy – Will  Gerakan review its position in BN?
  • USM – Cancel “London consultant” appointment
  • UM & USM – two worst Asia-Pacific performers in 2004 Top 200
  • 2nd email – Ministers should lead anti-corruption drive in respective ministries
  • Some 10 years after MSC, most Ministers still don’t use email

The IP of the self-styled “wolf” is, from the same New Jersey IP which had hosted the previous four wolf  attacks on my blog. – including   incendiary and inflammatory comments, impostor postings impersonating bona fide commentators to create ill-will and havoc among the  bloggers  and dispatching pornographic URLs.

Against my natural instincts, I have to adopt the Wordpress-powered blog which requires first registration to provide some form of control and security for the blog and bloggers, although it can be no sure-proof protection against those determined to create havoc on the blogosphere.

I want to express my greatest appreciation for all the bloggers, regardless of their viewpoints, who have  made my blog a modest success.  Since going public on National Day 2005, there had been some 400,000 page hits in the past 2 ˝ months to some 130 postings attracting  over 3,000 comments.

My blog is not a DAP blog. As entitled, it is a blog for Malaysia and all Malaysians, regardless of politician opinion or affiliation, race or religion are welcome to share their views that make up the diverse and wealthy Malaysian mosaic.  Bloggers regardless of age, gender or political opinion, whether UMNO, MCA, Gerakan,  MIC, DAP, PAS, KeAdilan, from Sabah, Sarawak, the Malaysian diaspora in the whole wide world or global citizens are welcome to the forum provided by this blog.

The only persons who are not welcome are those who want to deny others the freedom to express their views acting like marauding wolves to tear asunder what we want to build with  this blog – an understanding of our diverse points of views even if we agree to disagree in a civil and rational manner.

Happy blogging!



*  Lim Kit Siang, Parliamentary Opposition Leader, MP for Ipoh Timur & DAP Central Policy and Strategic Planning Commission Chairman

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