Statement Archive for February 2020

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2020-02-01 DAP demonisers should make up their mind – Is DAP communist, want to revive communism, Christian committed to set up a Christian state in Malaysia, Chinese chauvinist, anti-Islam, anti-Malay, anti-Indian, anti-Chinese, puppet-master of Mahathir, stooge of Mahathir – as it is impossible for DAP to play so many conflicting and contradictory roles Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-01 Pemfitnah DAP perlu lebih konsisten -- Adakah DAP parti komunis yang ingin mengembalikan komunisme atau parti Kristian yang mahu menubuhkan sebuah negara Kristian di Malaysia atau chaunivis Cina, anti-Islam, anti-Melayu atau anti-India atau anti-Cina atau tok dalang Mahathir atau kuli Mahathir -- kerana adalah mustahil untuk DAP memainkan semua watak ini secara serentak Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-02 UiTM should dismiss Musa Hassan as lecturer at its Centre of Media and Information Warfare Studies (CMIWS) as the former IGP has become a “poster boy” not only for media illiteracy but also for lies, fake news and hate speech Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-02 UiTM patut memecat bekas KPN Musa Hassan daripada jawatan pensyarahnya di Pusat Pengajian Media dan Peperangan Maklumat (CMIWS) yang kini telah menjadi "ikon" penipuan, berita palsu dan ucapan kebencian Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-03 Fully support call on the Attorney-General to review the case of disabled person Mohamad Sani Isa who is jailed today for attempting suicide as Parliament is in the process of decriminalising suicide Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-11 Will the Opposition play its role as an honest, constructive and loyal Opposition in accordance with the Constitution and Rukunegara instead of trying its utmost to polarise and divide Malaysians through the politics of race, religion, fake news and hate speech? Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-13 A question which is also an indictment Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-14 Parliament should honour Kevin Morais who gave his life in the battle against corruption and the heroes and heroines who saved Malaysia from the 1MDB kleptocracy Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-15 Hadi thinks Malaysians are fools to believe the latest PAS fairy tale that its confidence motion is to save the nation, when in fact it is to torpedo the Pakatan Harapan government and advance Hadi’s choice for Malaysians to be goat-herders or pig-herders Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-16 Parliament next month should not only be the most important in the 22-month Pakatan Harapan government, but also in the nation’s history, by implementing the most number of PH promises of a New Malaysia in the 14GE Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-18 Why are PAS leaders panicking over Pakatan Harapan fulfilling its general election promises on power transition on Friday? Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-18 Mengapakah pemimpin PAS panik mengenai janji peralihan kuasa Pakatan Harapan? Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-19 The “highest levels” of the former Malaysian Government who believed from “very early on that the MH 370 tragedy was a murder-suicide plot” must now speak up Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-21 Attorney-General’s decision to discontinue proceedings against the 12 persons on LTTE links most welcome Lim Kit Siang
2020-02-24 The Save Malaysia mission of the 14th General Election is still very valid and relevant, as we do not want to revert to a global kleptocracy, and even worse, become a kakistocracy with the worst elements who practice dishonesty, perfidy and corruption in the government Lim Kit Siang