Statement Archive for June 2018

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2018-06-01 Something very wrong with constitutional check-and balance when Attorney-General can hold the country to hostage refusing to resign when there is a change of government and when he enjoys zero public confidence Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-02 Apandi will be assured of a place in the 1MDB rogues’ gallery with Najib, Jho Low and Arul Kanda if he continues to defy national and international opinion and refuses to resign as Attorney-General Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-02 Tunku Abdul Rahman’s behest to all Malaysians 61 years ago to create a new nation inspired by the ideals of justice and liberty and be “a beacon of light in a disturbed and distracted world” should be the motto for all Pakatan Harapan Federal and State Governments Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-03 Rafidah’s advocacy of “ketuanan Malaysia” as a more inclusive concept for all Malaysians should be welcomed by Malaysians who want Malaysia to fulfill her destiny as “a beacon of light in a disturbed and distracted world” Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-03 Apandi’s refusal to resign as Attorney-General setting bad example to other political appointees, particularly UMNO/BN Senators Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-04 Apandi’s refusal to resign honourably and with dignity has highlighted the refusal of other UMNO/BN political appointees to resign honourably and with dignity Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-05 Khairy’s post-14GE mea culpa that 1MDB scandal was the cause of UMNO/BN’s “catastrophic” downfall in the 14GE too little and too late Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-06 Malaysians must never again allow corruption to permeate all levels in the government Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-07 With top UMNO leaders in deep denial, refusing to admit to the national infamy of a global kleptocracy and kakistocracy, and continuing with the politics of race, lies, fear and hate, unlikely UMNO General Assembly at end of the month will see any redemption, salvation, reform or renewal Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-08 Md Raus Sharif and Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin should gracefully resign as Chief Justice and Court of Appeal President respectively to bring constitutional crisis over the two top judicial posts to an end Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-09 A month of strange politicking in Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-10 Bung Moktar’s tips will make UMNO an eternal opposition, never to return to the corridors of power Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-11 UMNO/BN parties, leaders and individuals must publicly own up and donate whatever “dirty money” they had received from Najib from 1MDB to Tabung Harapan Malaysia to help pay the trillion-ringgit national debt Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-11 DAP MPs will contribute over RM210,000 to Tabung Harapan Malaysia – will UMNO/BN MPs make any contribution to the Tabung Harapan? Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-12 Utusan Malaysia’s claim that Malays are already regretting voting against Umno not only wrong, but reflects Najib’s refusal to relinquish power and wants a new role as “the power behind the throne” Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-12 Hadi’s greatest failure – unable to be kingmaker to prop up Najib as kleptocratic Prime Minister in a hung Parliament and now unable to deny two-thirds parliamentary majority to establish a New Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-13 What an irony! Will Utusan Malaysia agree that it should be charged in court under the Sedition Act for inciting hatred by peddling the lie DAP wants to abolish the system of constitutional monarchy and turn Malaysia into a republic? Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-13 Beware! Those responsible for sending Malaysia into the trajectory of a kakistocracy and rogue and kleptocratic state are trying to make a political comeback Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-14 Hope, joy and pride that Malaysia has a second chance to fulfill the Malaysian Dream to be a top world-class nation which is “a beacon of light to a disturbed and distracted world” Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-16 A New Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-17 Who in UMNO are going to “bell the cat” of Najib’s 1MDB and toxic politics legacies? Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-17 People’s Court in 14GE have found Najib guilty of 1MDB kleptocratic scandal and that is why he is out as PM Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-18 Will UMNO General Assembly apologise to DAP for its six-year ordeal when UMNO leaders/operatives misused their powers to influence the Registrar of Societies to break or ban the DAP? Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-18 Thanks to old-guards like Annuar Musa, UMNO made history with 30% of UMNO members refusing to vote UMNO in 14GE Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-19 All MPs regardless of political party should show their commitment when Parliament meets from July 16 to transform Malaysia from a global kleptocracy into a leading nation of integrity in the world Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-19 Has UMNO become an illegal political party? Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-19 The press must play creative and important role in building of New Malaysia to be a “beacon of light to a difficult and disturbed world” Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-20 Malaysians must dare to “reach for the sky” to achieve big dreams to fulfill Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Malaysia Dream for Malaysia to be a “beacon of light in a disturbed and distracted world” Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-21 The day when a 12-year-old primary school kid showed an ex-Prime Minister the true meaning of patriotism Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-21 Najib has not only failed to clear his name, he has impaled himself on the 1MDB scandal Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-22 Let the opening of the 14th Parliament in July make history for democracy by amending the Constitution to lower the voting age to 18 Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-22 Three camps on 1MDB scandal and Malaysia as global kleptocracy in the UMNO elections Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-23 After 67 years, the great difference between the first-generation and present-generation UMNO leaders Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-24 Will the UMNO Assemblies this week make serious amends on three major issues confronting the nation? Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-25 Lawyer Siti Kasim’s wrongful arrest and police abuse of powers have catapulted the issue of IPCMC to the forefront of agenda for institutional reforms in a New Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-26 UMNO Assemblies this week present an unbelievably fertile ground for the writing of Greek tragedies and even comedies Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-27 KPMG’s declaration that no 1MDB accounts are “true and fair” since its formation in 2009 should be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back and make the 1MDB scandal the single biggest issue in the UMNO Assemblies this week Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-28 Najib should conduct a “1MDB Tell-All” special session for UMNO delegates at the UMNO General Assembly this week Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-29 Have UMNO leaders learnt the right lessons from UMNO’s electoral disaster in the 14th General Election? Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-29 UMNO should be encouraged to become an effective and constructive Opposition and there should no notion of deregistering UMNO or declaring it illegal Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-29 What supreme irony – Najib trumpets his achievements for UMNO while Syed Hamid bids farewell to UMNO as it has betrayed its founding principles Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-30 Public Accounts Committee committed one of its greatest national disservice in six decades in allowing its 1MDB Report to be distorted as exonerating Najib from any wrongdoing in the 1MDB scandal Lim Kit Siang
2018-06-30 In view of his strategic role in 1MDB scandal, why was Najib not summoned or himself volunteer to testify at the PAC Inquiry in 2015/6 into 1MDB? Lim Kit Siang