Statement Archive for January 2016

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2016-01-01 Does Najib really believe that all Malaysians wake up this morning fully relieved that the twin mega scandals have disappeared into thin air? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-02 Senior political leader who lied about the DAP being offered RM1.2 billion in exchange for an Israeli naval base in Port Dickson will have to pay the heavy price in court for making false and defamatory statement Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-03 Is the pro-BN NGO alliance seriously suggesting that the IGP Khalid should be disciplined for police negligence in failing to act on the allegations that DAP was offered RM1.2 billion by Israel in exchange for a Israeli naval base in Port Dickson Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-03 DAP and Pakatan Harapan prepared to work and co-operate with disaffected UMNO leaders, branches and members in a new political realignment to “Save Malaysia” from rampant corruption, widespread socio-economic injustices and nation-building failures Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-03 Zahid’s claim that Malaysia wants to be top 30 of some 200 countries by 2020 as non-corrupt country busted by Najib’s twin mega scandals, causing Malaysia to be ranked third among the world’s “worst corruption scandals in 2015” Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-04 Two questions for Najib on his twin mega scandals – what were 1MDB’s total debts before “rationalization” and why no one charged court for 1MDB’s multi-billion ringgit losses? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-04 Poor MCA, so irrelevant and so lost in the woods of Malaysians politics that it is even following the lead of liars to scrape the bottom of the barrel! Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-04 Fifth phase of DAP – form Malaysian federal government with Pakatan Harapan in the 14th General Election Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-05 MACC’s “name and shame” website should be closed down as it only shames Malaysia when the person responsible for Malaysia to be ranked third in world’s “worst corruption scandal in 2015” is not mentioned Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-06 Malacca DAP must continue to help lead Malaysia towards a new future – where Malaysians can regain confidence to be able to compete with the rest of the world instead of fighting among ourselves over a diminishing national economic cake Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-06 The Education Minister should ensure that Malaysian taxpayers do not have to pay for RM3 million mistake in reprint of Year Six History textbook which showed Malacca in the east coast above Terengganu Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-07 The 14GE is not battle between the Malays and Chinese for political power as Malays will not lose political power but whether Najib and UMNO leaders can continue to mislead Malaysians to continue their economic scandals and abuses of power Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-08 The IDE study that UMNO-PAS attacks have been successful in fuelling anti-DAP sentiments among Malays a wake-up call to all DAP leaders and members to take these misperceptions seriously Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-09 Who are you bluffing, Apandi? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-10 DAP will not forsake our original commitment and vision to be a party by and for all Malaysians regardless of race or religion at all levels of leadership and elected representatives, bound by the common goal of an united, just, democratic and progressive Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-11 Najib and UMNO propagandists are giving the Malays the supreme insult doubting their intelligence and capability when they spread the canard that the Malays will lose political power to the DAP and Chinese if Najib and UMNO lose in next general election Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-12 Can Prime Minister and Cabinet end the greatest injustice in the Najib premiership – ensure Indira Gandhi’s re-union with her daughter within 48 hours after the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Parliament and Judiciary have failed her for seven years? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-12 Two Islamic State (IS) shocks for Malaysia in 24 hours Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-13 Don’t have to invent the wheel, just have the political will to do what is right and just to implement the Cabinet decision of April 22, 2009 or resign as Ministers Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-13 Why Ibrahim Ali did not find me objectionable as anti-Malay and anti-Islam when he sought my help in the seventies to escape detention under ISA as a student leader? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-14 If the MACC investigation papers propose the prosecution of the Prime Minister on corruption charges or other offences under the law, will AG Apandi have the gumption and guts to approve such prosecutions? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-14 Pakatan Harapan must immediately plan to win back the Perak State Government and to ensure that the people of Perak are not denied a third time to have a government of the choice of the majority of voters Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-15 Malaysia is seriously sick and the only way for the country to be healthy, vibrant and vigorous again and stop being the “Sick Man of ASEAN” is the cure of a change of government in the 14GE Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-15 Ibrahim Ali must wrestle with his conscience, when he finds it, whether he had frantically phoned me in the seventies seeking my help when he was afraid of being detained under ISA as student activist Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-16 Five things Najib must do if he is to uphold Tun Razak's legacy Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-17 Are UMNO Ministers and leaders prepared, 66 years after Datuk Onn suggested it, consider opening UMNO doors to non-Malays to become an inclusive Malaysian political party? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-18 Time for UMNO leadership to consider Onn Jaafar’s proposal 66 years ago for UMNO to open its membership to non-Malays so that UMNO leaders can also be leaders of all Malaysians Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-19 UMNO leadership should consider Onn’s 66-year proposal that UMNO open its membership to non-Malays to defend and save democracy in Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-19 Did MACC submit any recommendation for any charge against the Prime Minister Najib in relation to the SRC International investigation, and if so, how many? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-20 Now that I have made an outright denial of the RM1.2 billion allegation against DAP, will MyKMU ask Najib to fully explain or make an outright denial of the RM2.6 billion (or RM4 billion) donation allegations? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-20 Who is to bell the cat? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-21 Anyone surprised by Hasan Arifin’s announcement that PAC report on 1MDB will not be ready in time for the March meeting of Parliament? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-21 Najib should immediately suspend Jamil Khir as Minister and Johari Bahrom as Deputy Minister if Kedah Wanita UMNO chief is telling the truth that she had been tricked into the press conference against Mukhriz Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-22 PAC should table the Auditor-General’s interim report on 1MDB at the Special Parliament next Tuesday or Wednesday as part of the PAC Interim Report on 1MDB so that the AG’s interim 1MDB report could be made public and studied by Malaysians Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-23 Hasan Arifin should resign as PAC Chairman if he is not prepared to be a second “Nur Jazlan” who will delve into the bottom of Najib's twin mega scandals without fear or favour Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-24 Abolish the BTN in the 2016 Budget calibration on Thursday, initiating a study whether BTN can be redeemed and totally revamped to promote national unity instead of fostering racism, disunity, intolerance and extremism in Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-25 Call on Najib to present White Paper on his twin world-class mega scandals before the Special Parliament on TPPA tomorrow Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-25 The Najib government must demonstrate that it is capable of being sensitive about Malaysia as a multi-racial and multi-religious nation before it talks about widening the scope of BTN for youths and citizenry to become the “eyes and ears” of the state on security threats Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-26 Was Hadi an agent, stooge or puppet of DAP in most of the seven years of Pakatan Rakyat from 2008 to 2015? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-26 Is AG Apandi guilty of conflict of interest when he decided that Najib will not be charged for the RM2.6 billion “donation” and SRC scandals? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-27 Produce proof that Najib had returned US$620 million to Saudi royal family and what happened to the remainder of the US$41million in Najib’s RM2.6 billion donation scandal if Apandi wants his version to be believed Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-27 Good governance, the end of rampant corruption and widespread socio-economic injustices like Najib’s twin mega scandals are the best antidotes to fight extremism and terrorism, including Islamic State (IS) Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-28 MH370 tragedy – will relatives of the 239 passengers and crew who perished on 8th March 2014 receive proper compensation for their loss? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-28 Will AG Apandi institute criminal defamation proceeding in any one of the following five criminal defamation cases against DAP leaders? Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-29 Does Hadi support Attorney-General Apandi’s decision that Prime Minister Najib has done no wrong in the RM2.6 billion donation and RM42 million SRC International scandals and that the AG has “absolute discretion” on these matters Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-30 “It never rains but it pours” best describes Najib's world-class twin mega-scandals and the serious multi-faceted Malaysian crisis today Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-31 Najib proven wrong that his twin mega scandals are no more issues as they have become even bigger than in the past and gone fully international Lim Kit Siang
2016-01-31 Call for Royal Commission of Inquiry into Najib's world-class twin mega scandals as nobody expects the truth to be revealed if the matters are left solely to normal government investigations or even the PAC Lim Kit Siang