Statement Archive for July 2015

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2015-07-01 Annuar Musa should be sacked as MARA Chairman as he had failed the MARA Vision for MARA to be “an outstanding organization of trust, upholding the nation’s pride” and spearhead new breakthroughs for Bumiputeras Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-01 Is it the Prime Minister’s idea to direct the Auditor-General to audit the 1MDB accounts accompanied by a secret directive to the AG not to make the interim report public? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-02 Cabinet Ministers must individually and collectively explain when and why they had approved a further US$4.71 billion (RM17.8 billion) government guarantee for IPIC loans as latest bailout for 1MDB Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-02 Call on progressive UMNO leaders to support the patriotic call for the scrapping of auction rights of “Patriot” number plates to Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-03 Can Najib start by being fair to Malaysians and answer all the questions about the RM42billion 1MDB scandal? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-03 Najib should show leadership and just scrap the silly and and unpatriotic idea of auctioning “Patriot” number plates and not allow the national shame and dishonour to prolong any further Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-03 Muhyiddin should ask Najib to go on leave and to let a three-man committee of national elders comprising Tuns Mahathir, Abdullah and Musa to decide whether, and the conditions, for Najib to resume duties as PM before resolution of WSJ allegations Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-04 More heads in MARA, including that of Annuar Musa, should roll as the MARA INC property corruption scandal probably cost MARA over RM100 million or more than ten times the total sum and magnitude as initially exposed by The Age Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-04 Why can't Najib just say “yes” or “no” to the grave WSJ allegation that almost US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) were deposited into Najib's personal accounts before the 13th General Election Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-04 Can the Attorney General prosecute the Prime Minister for criminal offences in the country? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-05 Progresive MPs to meet in Parliament on Tuesday on “Qua Vadis Malaysia with a Prime Minister accused of embezzlement not only by Wall Street Journal but by government probe” Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-05 Has Gani Patail joined Mahathir's camp in the “political sabotage” of Najib when the AG confirmed that government probe on 1MDB had found documentary evidence on the RM2.6 billion deposit into Najib's private account? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-06 Meeting of progressive MPs in Parliament at noon tomorrow provides ideal platform for Najib to clear himself of WSJ allegation of embezzlement – and the Prime Minister is most welcome Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-06 With demand for Najib to go on leave as Prime Minister pending investigations becoming increasingly more urgent and insistent, it is Najib’s loss if he does not use the ideal platform of the meeting of progressive MPs in Parliament tomorrow to categorically clear himself WSJ allegation of embezzlement Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-07 Call on IGP to re-open investigations into the murder of AmBank founder Hussein Najadi in broad daylight in centre of Kuala Lumpur on 29th July 2013 to ascertain whether it had any links with 1MDB scandal Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-08 Time for all progressive and patriotic political leaders to come together on a common programme to save Malaysia from becoming a failed state as a result of rampant corruption, abuses of power, socio-economic injustices and the collapse of good governance Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-08 Najib has notched up another precedent, sending lawyers’ letter which is ambivalent whether it paves the way for the Prime Minister to sue or not to sue Wall Street Journal Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-08 Six options for Ministers to prove that they are a Cabinet of model Malaysian patriots and leaders and not just a coterie or self-seeking politicians who cannot put national interests above personal and/or party interests by taking a patriotic stand on the great issues of the day Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-09 Cabinet Ministers guilty of abysmal dereliction of duty by giving solid backing to the Prime Minister without knowing whether RM2.6 billion were deposited into Najib’s personal accounts in AmBank, where the monies came from and were they went to Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-10 Najib should heed Musa Hitam’s advice and immediately go on leave as Prime Minister pending investigation by an independent commission of inquiry Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-10 “Be Very Afraid!” when “ignoramus” Ministers give empty assurances about special task force investigation when they may not even be qualified to comment because of conflict of interest Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-11 Apology that Pakatan Rakyat is dead but vow that PR Common Policy Framework aspirations for an united, inclusive, progressive, just and prosperous Malaysia will live on and continue to be basis of DAP struggle for a new Malaysia until there is a new government in Putrajaya Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-11 16th IACC Conference in Putrajaya in September should have sub-theme of “1MDB Financial Scandal” as it provides perfect and rare counter case study why the conference theme “Ending Impunity: People, Integrity and Action” so difficult to achieve Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-12 Musa Hitam can be caretaker Prime Minister if agreement can be reached for him to be elected to Parliament in an early by-election or the search should look at other candidates like Tengku Razaleigh or someone from Sabah or Sarawak Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-12 DAP's door open to all Malays who share the Malaysian Dream of an united, inclusive, progressive, just and prosperous Malaysia for all Malaysians Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-12 Pintu DAP terbuka untuk semua orang Melayu yang mahu kepada Impian Malaysia yang bercita-cita untuk mewujudkan Malaysia yang bersatu, inklusif, progresif, adil dan makmur untuk semua rakyat Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-12 Why is Najib allowed to be the one and only person responsible for the metamorphosis from three-agency government probe to four “Tan Sri” special task force on WSJ report and now wide-ranging powers to investigate all allegations about 1MDB scandal when he is the “accused” in the investigation? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-13 PAS Syura Council decision a non-event as it is completely overshadowed by latest developments in PAS where the two top PAS leaders have become Najib's strongest defenders Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-13 Call on Police to uphold law and order and on all Malaysians regardless of race and religion to be calm and unite against corruption and abuses of power Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-13 Replace the “special task force” of four Tan Sris with a Royal Commission of Inquiry of three Tuns – Mahathir, Abdullah and Musa – to get to the bottom of the WSJ allegations Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-14 Why is Hadi parroting the line of UMNO propagandists and cybertroopers accusing the DAP of being “chauvinist” in wanting to have local government elections? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-14 DAP welcomes like-minded Malays and Muslims to join the DAP in furtherance of the nationalist and patriotic cause to save Malaysia from becoming a failed state because of rampant corruption, injustices and collapse of good governance Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-14 If Husni is so sure that the AG’s interim report on 1MDB clears PM’s of the WSJ allegation, will he ask the Cabinet tomorrow to release the report to MPs and the public so that Malaysians can heave a big sigh of relief that Najib has got one allegation less? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-15 Malaysia is going through “the worst of times”. Are there enough Malaysians to make it “the best of times”? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-15 Call for Royal Commission of Truth and Reconciliation on Low Yat Mob Incident headed by Rafidah Aziz to ensure that there will be no recurrence of race riots because of petty crimes Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-15 Malaysian politics are dirty and polluted enough without Mustafa having to leap into the swamp with lies and falsehoods to demonise and character-assassinate PAS progressives Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-16 With Anwar in jail, is there anyone in Malaysia who could stitch together a new coalition with support from over 112 MPs to “Save Malaysia” from becoming a failed state and re-set nation-building policies? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-16 Can PAS lose Kelantan in 14GE? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-16 DAP nation-wide must be prepared for three-cornered contests, both parliamentary and state assembly, in the next general elections Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-17 The special task force into allegations of Prime Ministerial misconduct by Najib has zero credibility and legitimacy when DPM and Cabinet Ministers completely in the dark about its establishment, composition, terms of reference and latest change of Chairmanship Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-17 Egg all over his face and he still does not know – a special quality of UMNO/BN Ministers and leaders Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-18 By Abdul Rahma’s logic, I should have paid money for the so-called “info” about 1MDB, reckless about the mercenary’s motivation and the info’s veracity and demand Najib should accept them as gospel truth! Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-18 Malaysia should develop a “hysteria index” to monitor which Minister is the most hysterical in the defence of the Prime Minister in face of mounting exposes about the 1MDB and other scandals Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-19 Zahid owes Malaysians an explanation and apology for the canard that “several Malaysians” had directed Justo to tamper with the PSI emails and documents when Justo had not done so Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-19 Not just Low Yat Plaza but whole of Malaysia is a time bomb if race hatred, religious intolerance, breakdown of rule of law and collapse of good governance not resolved urgently Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-19 Pakatan Rakyat would have been wiped out in the 14GE if it had contested the next polls in total disregard of the violation of the PR Common Policy Framework by one of the component parties Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-20 For his best self-interest, Najib should immediately direct MCMC to stop blocking access to Sarawak Report or he is transforming 1MDB scandal from a local into an international scandal of first magnitude Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-20 I never realise that we may have a Cabinet Minister who is a “world beater” in having the world’s lowest IQ for Ministers Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-21 Will Cabinet tomorrow discuss the violation of Malaysia’s Bill of Guarantee to the world of “No Internet censorship” in blocking access to Sarawak Report or no Minister would dare to express disagreement? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-21 “Aye” to Rahman’s new appointment as BN strategic communications director as he has made more than half-dozen strategic errors in six days – at least one a day! Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-21 Tribute to Ho Kay Tat and shame to Liow Tiong Lai Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-22 The new coalition of Malaysian progressives – whether Pakatan Rakyat 2.0, New Pakatan Rakyat or Harapan Rakyat – will be sequel to 13GE battle in 14GE to rekindle hopes and aspirations of Malaysians for political change in Putrajaya Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-22 Seeking a meeting with Najib on establishment of Royal Commission of Truth and Reconciliation on the Low Yat Race Riot to ensure that there will be no recurrence of race riots because of petty crimes Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-22 Tony Pua, Rafizi Ramli and Tong Kooi Ong looking at criminal charges which may sent them to jail for up to 20 years Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-23 It is Hadi’s prerogative if he wants to provide a life-line to support Najib and shore up the Prime Minister in the gathering storm over the 1MDB scandal, but PAS leaders should not expect DAP leaders to keep quiet when they make baseless attacks on the DAP Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-23 Terserah kepada Hadi jika beliau mahu membantu memanjangkan jangka hayat Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri di tengah taufan skandal 1MDB, namun pemimpin-pemimpin PAS tidak boleh mengharapkan DAP berdiam diri apabila mereka membuat serangan tidak berasas ke atas DAP Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-23 Najib is taking Malaysia to his Vision 2020 of a “banana republic” and not a fully developed nation under original Vision 2020 Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-24 Hadi is the single cause of the death of Pakatan Rakyat not only for violating the PR Common Policy Framework and the PR consensus operational principle but trying to be “master” of PR Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-24 Hadi adalah punca utama kematian Pakatan Rakyat bukan saja kerana mencabul Dasar Bersama dan prinsip muafakat Pakatan Rakyat tetapi juga kerana cuba untuk menjadi “tuan” Pakatan Rakyat Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-24 The least Abdul Rahman should do as BN strategic communications director is to get Najib to declare at the PM’s birthday bash tonight where the RM2.6 billion in his personal bank accounts in AmBank in March 2013 came from and to whom and where they have gone to Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-24 With three-month suspension of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily, Malaysia in free fall to become a failed state Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-25 Hard Realities of Malaysian Politics - Hadi will again by “played out” by Najib in the next Parliamentary meeting as Hadi’s private member’s bill motion on hudud will not see the light of day as Najib has already achieved his objective of breaking up Pakatan Rakyat Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-25 Kenyataan pahit politik Malaysia – Hadi sekali lagi akan “dipermainkan” oleh Najib pada persidangan Parlimen akan datang kerana usul rang undang-undang persendirian berkenaan hudud tidak akan diberi ruang untuk dibentangkan kerana Najib telah pun mencapai matlamatnya untuk memecah-belahkan Pakatan Rakyat Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-25 Based on reasons given by Home Ministry for 3-month suspension of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily, will 1MDB become a new “sensitive” issue which will attract the full weight of Najib’s law if discussed or mentioned? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-26 Welcome GHB’s sensible and Malaysian-centric stand that pressing issues of the country are political reforms and socio-economic injustices like the killing of Teoh Beng Hock and 1MBD scandal and not hudud implementation Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-27 1MDB has become 1Malaysia Disaster Bhd, consuming UMNO/Barisan Nasional Federal Government but it must not be allowed to destroy Malaysia! Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-28 “High Noon” in Malaysia – who will be left standing? Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-28 Call for emergency meeting of Parliament before August 31 for a confidence vote on Prime Minister Najib and his new Cabinet and to ensure comprehensive and unfettered investigations into 1MDB scandal and WSJ reports Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-29 If PAC probe into 1MDB grinds to a halt, it will be best proof that the overriding objective of the Cabinet reshuffle yesterday was to block, frustrate, sabotage or drag out investigations into biggest financial scandal in nation’s history Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-29 Why are the lawyers in Cabinet silent about Gani’s sacking as Attorney-General when it is patently unconstitutional and an affront’s to Malaysia’s commitment to uphold the rule of law Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-30 Is Apandi as the new Attorney-General going to be Najib’s hatchet man to usher a new dark age subjecting national institutions to a second wave of attacks or will he be sentinel to ensure an “enlightened and democratic” Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2015-07-31 Is the sacking of AG and DPM a multiple attack on the national institutions including the Press, Parliament, the 1MDB “special task force” comprising AGC, BNM, MACC and Police to save Najib from the 1MDB scandal? Lim Kit Siang