Statement Archive for November 2014

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2014-11-30 Only relief of the dreary 2014 UMNO General Assembly politics of fear, hate and lies is admission by Muhyddin that it will only take 2% shift in voter support to end six decades of UMNO rule Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-29 Triple politics of fear, hate and lies at the UMNO General Assembly Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-28 MCA, MIC and Gerakan utterly irrelevant, but have Sarawak and Sabah also become irrelevant in BN national decision-making process on issues directly affecting the two states? Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-27 Najib buckles under pressure to renounce the repeal of Sedition Act and becomes hostage to rightists and extremists who are opposed to policy of moderation and GMM Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-26 Ucapan berkenaan usul Perdana Menteri mengenai Kertas Putih Islamic State Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-26 Speech on the PM’s motion on the White Paper on Islamic State Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-25 UMNO must draw the line in the sand and the UMNO General Assembly this week is the last opportunity for UMNO to demonstrate whether it stands for moderation or extremism Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-25 Its Malaysia under threat – not Malays or Islam – if we aim to be one of the top countries in the world in terms of competitiveness, good governance, rule of law and crackdown on corruption Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-23 Three unfinished business which Najib should present to Parliament before it adjourns next Thursday until next March Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-22 Najib should not set bad example to other Ministers by using threat of legal suit against Tony Pua to evade accountability Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-22 Will UMNO General Assembly next week send out a clear and unmistakable message that UMNO will be the vanguard and not be the major obstacle to a movement of moderates against extremism in Malaysia? Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-21 All Malaysians should be concerned that Malaysia has shot to the Top 50 countries under Global Terrorism Index when we should strive to be one of the 40 countries with no terrorism problems Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-20 Let the Global Terrorism Index 2014 be a wake-up call to all political parties, NGOs and Malaysians that we jeopardize the future of Malaysians if we do not check the rhetoric and politics of hatred, intolerance and extremism and hew closely to the path of moderation Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-19 Joseph Pairin’s greatest act of patriotism is to put an immediate end to the 40-year “merry-go-rounds” on the Sabah illegal immigrants problem Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-19 Would Najib ask all the 34 UMNO/BN Ministers who send their children to private or international schools, whether local or foreign, to resign for their lack of confidence in the Umno/BN national education policy and system? Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-18 Let all the 33 Cabinet Ministers reveal whether their children and grandchildren had been educated under the national education system or whether they are products of private and international schools, at home or abroad Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-18 Call on Cabinet on Friday to appoint Joseph Pairin Kitingan as Chairman of RCIIIS Implementation Committee and not RCIIIS Review Committee to demonstrate that the Barisan Nasional has the political will to resolve the 40-year old illegal immigrants problem in Sabah Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-17 Pairin special committee on Report of RCI on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah (RCIIIS) the latest chapter of the 40-year Great Betrayal of Sabahans as it is proof of continued lack of political will with solution of long-standing problem completely out of sight Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-16 Call for three-day extension of Parliament for a full debate on “Are Malays and Islam under threat?” as this concerns not just Malays and Muslims, but all Malaysians who want a successful Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-16 MCA and Gerakan Ministers should explain why they have no raised any objection at Friday’s Cabinet meeting to the unconstitutional proposal to set up a Syariah Federal Court with the same powers as the civil Federal Court Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-15 Is another ferocious bout of “Chinese-bashing” in the works at the Umno General Assemblies at the end of month Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-14 Let the amicable resolution to the Selangor issue of the seizure of Malay language Bibles and Malaysia’s assumption of ASEAN Chair usher in a virtuous cycle of moderation and establish Malaysia as a regional and international model of moderation Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-12 Who can count more than two Ministers in the Najib Cabinet who are committed moderates in the great battle between moderation and extremism – the raison d’etre for the foundation of Najib’s Global Movement of Moderates? Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-11 Are the majority of UMNO Ministers, MPs and leaders like Noh Omar, not prepared publicly to endorse Najib’s Global Movement of Moderates initiative and yet deny being an extremist? Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-10 Ucapan tentang Jabatan Perdana Menteri dalam perbahasan peringkat jawatankuasa Belanjawan 2015 Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-10 Speech on the Prime Minister’s Department during committee stage debate of 2015 Budget Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-06 University of Malaya guilty of global educational scandal of first magnitude when it is completely indifferent to its omission in the 2,100 slots for 100 Best Global Universities for 21 subjects but totally paranoid about penalizing Fahmi and UM8 for student awakening and activism Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-05 Najib should also congratulate USM for being ranked No. 87 in the 100 Best Global Universities for Engineering and direct full inquiry why Malaysian universities could only get two out of 2,100 slots for the 21 subject areas for 100 Best Global Universities Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-04 Ruang demokrasi lebih besar serta ekonomi yang lebih adil dan inklusif adalah dua cabaran utama bagi para demokrat, tidak kira sosialis, muslim atau apa sahaja kumpulan Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-04 Greater democratic space and a just and inclusive economy are the two great challenges for democrats, whether socialist, Muslim or any other denomination Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-03 Muhyiddin not proud that UM is ranked No. 423 in latest US News 500 Best Global Universities Ranking 2015 although it is only Malaysian university ranked, because it confirms lowly international position of UM and Malaysian universities Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-01 Call for return of student activism on national issues in universities and abandonment of all pending plans to penalise Fahmi and university students for Anwar programme in University of Malaya on Oct. 27 Lim Kit Siang
2014-11-01 BN Supreme Council meeting last night a great disappointment as the non-Umno parties dare not demand an end to AG’s double standards in prosecution, puny anti-corruption efforts even losing out to Indonesia and postponement of GST implementation Lim Kit Siang