Statement Archive for May 2014

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2014-05-30 UMNO/BN pulling out all the stops to launch the dirtiest last 24 hours of a by-election campaign in Teluk Intan Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-29 Teluk Intan by-election has created many firsts – most sexist attacks, most bloopers, most lies and calumnies and most number of UMNO Ministers and Deputy Ministers to appear for a candidate who is not from UMNO Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-29 Credibility of Malaysian government at stake if Najib does not present White Paper on MH370 disaster followed by full-scale parliamentary debate on June 9 Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-29 Former UMNO Minister and just sacked Bank Rakyat chairman Sabbaruddin Chik would have voted for Dyana Sofya if he is a voter in Teluk Intan as there are no signs that Umno/BN have the political will either for reform or to launch an all-out war against corruption and abuses of power and win over young Malaysians Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-28 May 31 a rare opportunity for Teluk Intan voters of all races to demonstrate that they are more patriotic and and better Malaysians than UMNO and Barisan Nasional Ministers and leaders Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-27 Dyana Syofia is testimony of failure of Ibrahim Abu Shah as nine-year Vice Chancellor of UiTM to turn UiTM students into Umno robots and kill the idealism and Malaysian dream of Malay youths Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-26 Is Mah’s manifesto worth the ink it is written with? Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-25 Call on Muhyiddin to repudiate, condemn and apologise for the sexist and personal attacks against Dyana Sofya, especially the fake bikini photo and character assassination of her as mindless and even a fraud Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-24 No let-up but intensification of UMNO/BN campaign to break Dyana’s political will and fighting spirit with lies, falsehoods and calumnies with surfacing of Filipino actress’ bikini photo claiming to be Dyana Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-24 Call on Bukit Gelugor voters tomorrow and Teluk Intan voters next Saturday to punish the political hooligans and cast every available vote to defend democracy and reject mobocracy advocated by political hooligans in UMNO who stormed the Penang State Assembly, the DAP Hqrs in KL and DAP Kuantan branch yesterday Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-22 Call on the people of Teluk Intan to protect Dyana Sofya from the wiles of UMNO/BN who want to break her political will and fighting spirit with lies and falsehoods in the way they have succeeded in destroying DAP and other Opposition leaders in the past Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-21 Far from “toying with voters’ feelings”, I have parked myself in Teluk Intan for the past three days because I am worried that Dyana will lose considerable Chinese votes with the propaganda that Chinese voters should vote Chinese and not a Malay candidate Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-20 SOS to netizens to help out in the Teluk Intan by-election as DAP candidate Dyana Sofya will win hands down in a social media or Internet poll, may be 85% to 15%, but faces defeat as the by-election will be decided by 60,000 Teluk Intan voters substantial numbers of whom are not connected to Internet Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-19 UMNO/BN leadership supremely confident that DAP made a ‘fatal error’ in fielding Dyana as candidate – call on Teluk Intan voters of all races to prove UMNO/BN wrong Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-14 Would Liow and MCA leaders take a stand and list instances of UMNO violation of BN policy and consensus on hudud at the BN Supreme Council meeting tomorrow? Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-13 Will Liow advise Muhyiddin not to be “held to ransom” by the Terengganu trio who have resigned as UMNO Assemblymen, plunging the state into a constitutional crisis? Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-13 New state general elections is best way to resolve the constitutional impasse in Terengganu caused by the resignation of three UMNO Assemblymen from UMNO, with no political party with working majority Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-12 10 Questions for MCA President Liow Tiong Lai on whether MCA will compromise on the consensus principle of Barisan Nasional where UMNO cannot unilaterally decide in the name of the other 12 component parties Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-11 DAP and PAS have not changed their respective stands on hudud, but it is UMNO, MCA and Gerakan which have changed their stand! Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-10 Malaysia blighted by two “missing” disasters threatening to plunge the country into a failed state – the missing MH 370, after 64 days with no clues or end in sight and the “missing Prime Minister” tragedy Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-08 MCA should requisition for an emergency BN Supreme Council meeting for a policy decision to be taken on hudud as 11 or even 12 of the 13 component BN parties would oppose any hudud implementation Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-07 Two additional free advice to Tiong Lai – don’t distort other people’s statement and to be “caught” immediately Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-07 Najib perlu jelaskan pendirian – sama ada beliau seorang moderat atau ekstremis, sama ada beliau perjuangkan atau menentang 1Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-07 Najib must take a clear stand – whether he is with the moderates or the extremists, whether he is for 1Malaysia or the very antithesis of 1Malaysia Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-05 Double advice to Ka Siong – don’t tell a bare-faced lie and don’t be caught immediately for such downright dishonesty Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-04 On first anniversary of 13GE, Malaysians torn by grave disillusionment with Najib for a year of failed policies and the dire prospect of a break-up of Pakatan Rakyat over hudud law Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-03 Hishamuddin’s reiteration umpteenth time yesterday that “we have nothing to hide” is most potent proof he realizes he is fighting losing battle in the credibility war both nationally and internationally because of lack of openness and accountability in MH 370 disaster crisis management Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-02 Not a good day to be a Malaysian as the world wakes up to critical and adverse media headlines that nobody noticed MH 370 was missing for 17 minutes and no search was launched for another four hours Lim Kit Siang
2014-05-01 Wee Ka Siong has finally asked the right question although he is still quite blur about the answer Lim Kit Siang