Sep 2011

22/09/2011 Malicious/selective prosecution of Mat Sabu should dampen euphoria in certain quarters sparked by Najib's latest gambit to brand himself as reformer par excellence to make Malaysia “best democracy in the world”
21/09/2011 Najib must retract his “crushed bodies, lives lost” speech and declare that he will accept the general election verdict of the people, including for a change of government in Sri Perdana, Putrajaya
19/09/2011 Najib should present a full blueprint of how he proposes to make Malaysia the “best democracy in the world” when Parliament reconvenes on October 3”
18/09/2011 Stop the charade of claiming to want to be the “best democracy in the world” - what Najib should do is to immediately end Malaysia's ranking as a “flawed democracy”
17/09/2011 Will repeal of ISA and slew of other legislative changes be completed before next general elections or will they be “work-in-progress” trotted out as BN election “goodies” ?
01/09/2011 Quo Vadis Malaysia