Oct 2011

31/10/2011 Jawapan Bertulis YB Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Bin Abdul Aziz, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri di Dewan Rakyat
30/10/2011 Surcharge the public officers responsible for over payments of 2,900-11,400 % more the market price and such financial hanky-panky will cease in future AG Reports
29/10/2011 Mahathir has won the shadow power battle of three Prime Ministers on the sidelines of Perth 2011 CHOGM
28/10/2011 Was Rahim Noor's Perkasa speech warning of "a human rights wave" an open proxy shot in a battle of three Malaysian Prime Ministers
27/10/2011 Who must bear responsibility for the deception delaying tabling the 2010 Auditor-General's reports until after the end of the general debate on the 2012 Budget - Prime Minister or Chief Secretary?
25/10/2011 Happy Deepavali - let the light of love, justice and moderation triumph over the darkness of hate, extremism and intolerance to create an united, just and prosperous plural Malaysia
25/10/2011 Very lame excuse – why AG not acting against MACC officers for Teoh Beng Hock’s death following James Foong RCI report?
24/10/2011 Let Muhyiddin lodge an official complaint against my grandson and I will then advise Guan Eng to lodge a police report against the DPM
23/10/2011 Is Muhyiddin fit to continue as Education Minister when he could violate a student's child rights just to serve a blatant and dishonest political agenda?
22/10/2011 Aziz Bari's suspension - Najib sabotaged by his own govt and party?
13/10/2011 Malaysia bukan berada pada tahap melancarkan perubahan transformasi nasional utama untuk memulihkan perpaduan nasional, mencapai kecemerlangan dan mengembalikan daya saingan antarabangsa
13/10/2011 Malaysia not on the cusp of major national transformational change to restore national unity, achieve excellence and regain international competitiveness
09/10/2011 2012 Budget – cornucopia of goodies for votes
06/10/2011 No Malaysian university in Times Higher Education (THE) 400 Top World University Ranking 2011/12
03/10/2011 Teks ucapan Lim Kit Siang semasa menyertai perbahasan ke atas usul penubuhan Jawatankuasa Pilihan Parlimen Mengenai Pembaharuan Pilihanraya di Dewan Rakyat
03/10/2011 Speech by Lim Kit Siang when taking part in the debate on Government motion to set up a Special Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform in Dewan Rakyat