Nov 2011

30/11/2011 Muhyiddin's speech at UMNO General Assembly “the mother of all lies, falsehoods and racism”
28/11/2011 Najib's “clarification” is proof that Peaceful Assembly Bill is the worst and most slipshod bill in 54-year parliamentary history
28/11/2011 Najib forewarned he is heading for another political disaster after July 9 Bersih 2.0 misjudgment if rejects proposal for a Parliamentary Select Committee and forces the Peaceful Assembly Bill through all readings in Dewan Rakyat tomorrow
27/11/2011 Peaceful Assembly Bill - Najib has probably created world history in the speed with which a “revolutionary” bill becomes reactionary within 24 hrs as to require at least eight amendments
26/11/2011 Peaceful Assembly Bill a test case whether Najib’s pledge on becoming Prime Minister that “the era of government knows best is over” is serious commitment or just hocus pocus, bunkum and baloney
25/11/2011 Najib at loss for words about new Myanmar Protest Bill which requires only 5 days’ notice when he describes his own Peaceful Assembly Bill as “revolutionary” but which requires 30 days’ notice
24/11/2011 I have been waiting for the revocation of the three Emergency Proclamations for the past 30 to 40 years
23/11/2011 Najib has smashed to smithereens the mirage of political transformation and “best democracy in the world” which he created two months ago with a repressive and undemocratic Peaceful Assembly Bill
21/11/2011 Let Muhyiddin explain to PAC why the RM300 million NFC project he approved in 2006 has become such a mess and scandal
20/11/2011 Would Muhyiddin have said in 2006 when approving the NFC project in 2006 that it was legally, morally and ethically proper for NFC to use 2%-interest RM250 million soft-loan to buy condos?
19/11/2011 Its Muhyiddin and not Noh Omar who should answer whether the decision to award the National Feedlot Centre project was discussed during Cabinet meetings as Noh Omar only became Minister after 2008 GE
14/11/2011 Will Najib's speech at the UMNO General Assembly next month pass muster for the inaugural International Conference on the Global Movement of the Moderates in January?
13/11/2011 Najib should intervene in the RM10 million “condominium for cattle” scandal by recalling the RM181 million loan to NFC which are not used for the purpose of cattle production
12/11/2011 The National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal – “shouldn’t someone go to jail”?
11/11/2011 Start of another new round of political persecution of Anwar most deplorable and despicable
08/11/2011 Is Muhyiddin best person to "transform" Malaysian proficiency in English, maths and science as to become a global power house?
07/11/2011 Muhyiddin is "flip flop Minister who denies that he flip-flops" on PPSMI
06/11/2011 When will four MCA Ministers make the formal proposal in Cabinet to make English a compulsory pass subject for SPM?
04/11/2011 Has Muhyiddin performed a "coup" against Najib and other non-UMNO Cabinet Ministers and parties?
01/11/2011 Najib should announce full acceptance and no appeal against landmark Court of Appeal judgment striking down Section 15(5)(a) of UUCA as unconstitutional