April 2011

30/04/2011 Chua Soi Lek should not have too inflated an ego about himself or MCA?
29/04/2011 To explore further the idea of a DAP-SNAP merger in my three days in Kuching, Sibu and Miri starting tomorrow
29/04/2011 Nothing for Abu Kassim to gloat about as public stocks of two-year-old MACC lower than ever plumbed by its predecessor ACA in 41 years
29/04/2011 When even Chinese Prime Minister could give full praise to Najib’s 1Malaysia concept, when will DPM Muhyiddin give unreserved support to the Prime Minister’s signature policy, declare that he is “Malaysian first, Malay second” and repudiate Utusan Malayu’s “1Melayu” call?
28/04/2011 What impression have we given to Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa – a government crazed with sex scandals than with enhancing Malaysia’s multi-racial national unity or international competitiveness?
27/04/2011 By all means discuss merits or demerits of the DAP-SNAP proposal but don't question integrity of DAP leaders
27/04/2011 Deputy IGP not doing image of police any good with his threat to “expose sex video performer” when public are aghast the three “Datuk Ts” have not been charged in court for various crimes they had publicly confessed
26/04/2011 Why Muhyiddin’s education system sucks!
25/04/2011 Utusan Malaysia is not the Malay voice but the voice of Muhyiddin against Najib
24/04/2011 Idea of a DAP-SNAP merger conceived as one important measure to take the 416 UBAH political awakening in Sarawak to its full flush of victory in the next national elections
23/04/2011 Is Najib becoming another Pak Lah - a Prime Minister whose writ does not run in UMNO?
22/04/2011 I will discuss my suggestion of a possible merger between DAP and SNAP with Sarawak DAP leaders when I visit Sibu tomorrow before deciding whether to pursue it further in DAP and Pakatan Rakyat
21/04/2011 MCA leadership showing itself even more irrelevant after its ignominious rejection by voters in Sarawak state elections
21/04/2011 Alleged Anwar sex tape2 - Police in danger of suffering knock-out blow in public confidence which only a change of government can restore
20/04/2011 Call for “1Melayu, 1Bumi” by Utusan Malaysia, Umno final confirmation that Najib’s 1Malaysia campaign is not serious nation-building concept but big vote-getting circus involving 1Malaysia T-shirt, 1M Tupperware, 1M mineral water, 1M burgher and 1M email a/c
19/04/2011 Suggest DAP and SNAP should seriously consider a merger to accelerate Iban/Dayak political awakening following the 416 Sarawak general elections
18/04/2011 Will MCA President Chua Soi Lek and the MCA Ministers and Deputy Ministers act like the “three monkeys” which see not, hear not and talk not”
15/04/2011 Deny BN 2/3 majority in Sarawak polls to send powerful message to all Sarawakians and Malaysians – “Tomorrow can be better!”
14/04/2011 Will Mahathir be proven right that Taib could be another Wan Mohtar losing power in Sarawak because he refuses to step down after 30 years as Chief Minister?
13/04/2011 Wind of Change blowing strong and hard in Sarawak – Sarawakians should write “416” in golden letters on Saturday as latest addition to the political lexicon of numbers of “520”, “308” and ”516” as powerful symbols in the quest for political change in Malaysia
11/04/2011 Najib's 1Malaysia campaign has been "transformed" into a 1T-Shirt 1-Tupperware Circus in two years
10/04/2011 Warning to Najib not to discredit RCI by setting one to serve dishonourable and selfish political objectives and challenge to set up 5 RCIs on pressing issues of public importance
10/04/2011 For first time in 48-year history, Miri leads in forefront for political change in Sarawak's 10th general elections
09/04/2011 Call for Royal Commission of Inquiry to re-open riddle of seven-year mysterious death of Sarawak DOE investigating officer Rumie Azzan falling from 9th floor of STA in Kuching in Sept 2004
09/04/2011 Dominique Ng should take Azizah’s advice and withdraw from April 16 state election so as not to spoil PR and Wong King Wei’s chances of winning in Padungan constituency