October 2010

27/10/2010 Bajet 2011 bukan hasil Model Ekonomi Baru (New Economic Model – NEM) tetapi mengandungi segala petanda dasar-dasar ala-Mahathir lama yang terbukti
27/10/2010 2011 Budget not a child of New Economic Model but bears all the marks of old discredited Mahathirish policies
19/10/2010 Top law student at Cambridge University is Malaysian and latest example of costly brain-drain which Najib's 2011 Budget has done nothing to resolve for country to become high-achieving and internationally competitive
18/10/2010 The Budget for 2011: Eulogy for the New Economic Model & a relaunch of the Mahathir Economic Model
17/10/2010 Najib's 2011 Budget is not a child of New Economic Model but bears all the marks of old discredited policies
14/10/2010 Ex-top cop Mat Zain's Open Letter is testimony that criminal justice system had further deteriorated after 2005 Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission report
14/10/2010 Every day for past 10 years, more than 3 persons missing who cannot be located or 40% of missing persons reported to police since 2000 as compared to statistics of over 99% of missing persons located by Australian Police
12/10/2010 Why after more than half a year, not a single Cabinet Minister dare to rebut the communal extremists and state that the New Economic Model is not against Article 153 of Constitution?
11/10/2010 MCA/Gerakan/MIC irrelevance and impotence further highlighted when even their Ministers do not know what form of disciplinary action had been initiated against the two school principals guilty of racial slurs against students in school
11/10/2010 Usul tergempar di Parlimen atas guru besar yang bersikap racis
10/10/2010 Question related Sosilawati mass murders placed fourth in tomorrow's question time in Parliament
08/10/2010 Notice for urgent parliamentary debate on Monday on 57-day government inaction on racial slurs by two headmasters against students in school
07/10/2010 Call on Najib to make a Prime Ministerial statement in Parliament on Monday on how he proposes to give local content to his international call at UNGA and ASEM 8 for a global movement of moderates against extremists
06/10/2010 All Perak DAP leaders, branches, members and supporters should rally behind Ngeh and Kula on unity ticket to restore the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak and help PR to take over Putrajaya in next general elections
05/10/2010 Will the eighth Cabinet meeting tomorrow still end up empty-handed with no disciplinary action against the two principals who made racial/religious slurs against students in schools despite the first incident occurring 55 days ago?
05/10/2010 Will Muhyiddin return to Treasury his salaries and allowances as Federal Minister for past 15 years so as not to be associated with forbidden money?
04/10/2010 New IGP must seriously grapple with the new Malaysian phenomenon where crime index falls but Malaysians feel even more unsafe!
04/10/2010 Can civil servants and BTN officials make incendiary, racist and insensitive statements going against Najib's 1Malaysia concept and claim as protection that they are personal views made in private functions?