November 2010

28/11/2010 Historic mission to end Umno political hegemony and make Malaysia a normal democratic country where change of government through ballot box is accepted as healthy democratic process and not one to invite man-made disasters
23/11/2010 New information on Anwar "black-eye" assault in 1998 surfacing in the public domain fortifies case of Mat Zain, police officer who headed "black-eye" investigation, for a proper closure of the 12-year-old police stain to restore police image and credibility
22/11/2010 Malaysia and ASEAN should support Aung San Suu Kyi's call for a second multi-ethnic Panglong Conference to create a federal democracy in Burma to foster democratization and national reconciliation
20/11/2010 Two fatal political assumptions - for BN to think that its hold on Putrajaya is secure and can win back Kedah and Selangor as well as for PR to believe that it is embarked on an unstoppable movement to Putrajaya with invincible control of the two states
12/11/2010 Why only very inclusive and 1Malaysia speeches/statements before by-elections but racist slurs and very anti-1Malaysia sentiments especially after Umno/BN by-election victories?
11/11/2010 ASEAN must strengthen UN efforts to bring about peace and justice in Burma/Myanmar
09/11/2010 Malaysia merupakan negara paling buruk prestasinya di kalangan negara-negara Asia Pasifik dalam Indeks Persepsi Rasuah Transparency International dalam 16 tahun ini sejak bermulanya senarai tahunan TI CPI dalam tahun 1995
09/11/2010 Malaysia is the worst country in Asia-Pacific in Transparency International Corruption Perception Index in past 16 years since the start of the annual ranking in 1995
09/11/2010 Gani Patail didakwa bahawa beliau mereka keterangan palsu dalam siasatan “mata lebam” Anwar Ibrahim tahun 1998, suatu dakwaan yang tidak pernah dinafikannya sungghpun dakwaan berkenaan dibuat oleh pegawai polis yang bertanggungjawab terhadap siasatan berkenaan 12 tahun yang lalu
09/11/2010 Gani Patail stand accused of fabricating evidence in the Anwar Ibrahim “black eye” investigation in 1998, which stands unrebutted although made by the police officer responsible for the investigation 12 years ago
04/11/2010 Lim Kit Siang rejects Berita Harian's "correction" which implies -- without producing proof -- that Ali Rustam was right in accusing a DAP national leader of having called UMNO Malays kafirs
03/11/2010 In past TI CPI of past 16 years, Malaysia is perceived by the world as becoming more and more corrupt while other countries have become less corrupt