May 2010

31/05/2010 Malaysians are now at the crossroads - an advanced high-income country in 2020 or a bankrupt nation in 2019
31/05/2010 Call for convening of all-party conference to condemn the Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla, killing at least 15, on a humanitarian aid-and-medicine mission to Gaza
30/05/2010 Is Najib backing off from support for NEM to become an even bigger Flip-Flop PM than Abdullah?
28/05/2010 Najib's qualification instead of endorsement of Idris Jala's warning that Malaysia could become next Greece and go bankrupt unless it saves RM103 billion in next five years to reduce the nation's huge debt proof of lack of political will to address subsidy syndrome
27/05/2010 Proposal for a Parliamentary Caucus on Crime and Security to help Hishammuddin and Police to restore to Malaysians their fundamental rights - safe neighbourhoods, safe streets, safe homes and safe schools
26/05/2010 Musa Hitam should make public the full report of Sime Darby task force on the cost overruns of its energies and utilities division tomorrow and should not withhold any information from the Malaysian public
26/05/2010 Despite feverish attempts to refurbish the image of MACC on many fronts in recent days, it has not been able to improve one jot of public confidence as it has not been able to demonstrate that it is really independent and not the Umno/BN catspaw
25/05/2010 Another case of police shooting death involving 18-yr old Mohd Afham - PR proposes to convene another Parliamentary Roundtable on fatal police shootings as well as to revisit Dzaiddin Royal Police Commission Report 2005
23/05/2010 Pakatan Rakyat leadership council will meet next month to chart a strategy to remove Sarawak and Sabah as the Barisan Nasional's "fixed deposit" states
23/05/2010 Najib should haul up and reprimand SUPP President George Chan for his "barbarians at the gate" speech which makes a total mockery of the Prime Minister's year-old 1Malaysia Policy
23/05/2010 Why MACC "may" and not "shall" call Najib in for investigation over his infamous RM5 million "let's make a deal" speech in the Sibu by-election?
23/05/2010 DAP Sibu MP Wong Ho Leng will lead DAP policy debate on 10th Malaysia Plan in June Parliament to spell out the triple implications of the Sibu Miracle
22/05/2010 Najib should not dodge questions but should answer frankly whether the Bakun Dam project has cost overruns of RM1.7 billion and that the government will be asking Parliament for a RM700 million bailout package for Sime Darby
21/05/2010 Why MACC dare not announce it will probe Najib if corruption is suspected in the Prime Minister's infamous RM5million "deal" at Rejang Park, Sibu on the eve of Sibu by-election polling?
21/05/2010 Najib should present a preliminary White Paper to the June 7 Parliament on the RM1-2billion Sime Darby cost overruns which have already led to the fall of its group chief executive Ahmad Zubir