June 2009

30/06/2009 Can Ong Tee Keat explain why he has changed so much in eight short months in his stand on accountability and integrity after becoming MCA President as compared to his past two decades in politics?
29/06/2009 What can SIAP do with regard to R K Krishnansamy on the police non-action on the murder of his father, former Tenggaroh Assemblyman and Johore MIC leader Datuk S. Krishnansamy on 11.1.08?
29/06/2009 Ong Tee Keat has won the right to get into Guinness Book of Records twice, the second time for being the first MCA President in 60 years to be on the run, from Parliament and outside, on a national scandal
28/06/2009 Najib’s announcement of new category of PSD scholarship based on “pure merit” welcome though taken with a heavy pinch of salt
28/06/2009 Challenge to OTK to five public debates on the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal where he could be assisted by two former Transport Ministers and two former PKA Chairmen
27/06/2009 Does Ong agree that Parliamentary Standing Orders be amended to bar Deputy Ministers from replying in Parliament, making it compulsory for Ministers to personally respond on behalf of government?
26/06/2009 Did the Cabinet discuss the scandalous million-ringgit fee to Jean Todt as Malaysia’s tourism ambassador or are the Cabinet Ministers deaf to the nation-wide howls of outrage when this news came out
26/06/2009 Najib should present ministerial statement in Parliament on Monday on various current Petronas issues
26/06/2009 PKFZ scandal: Does Ong Tee Keat agree that the Speaker has put the cart before the horse in claiming that there is no point in tabling PwC report on PKFZ and appendices in Parliament without PAC report?
25/06/2009 Motion to refer OTK to Committee of Privileges for misleading Parliament in his eight-minute Ministerial statement on the PKFZ
25/06/2009 PKFZ scandal - Is OTK so useless he cannot ensure that the 300 copies of PwC report and appendices on RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal are tabled in Parliament on Monday
24/06/2009 Would Ong propose in Cabinet tomorrow that two former MCA Transport Ministers, Ling Liong Sik and Chan Kong Choy be prosecuted for abuses of power in unlawfully issuing four Letters of Support?
24/06/2009 RM12.5 billiion PKFZ scandal – Parliament entitled to know the reasons why the Cabinet chopped and changed week-by-week its decision in October/November 2002 on the PKFZ land issue
23/06/2009 Najib’s first 74 days as Prime Minister is the most uninspiring when compared with the past five Prime Ministers
23/06/2009 PKFZ scandal - Ong Tee Keat caught red-handed telling an untruth on the RM1.2 billion KDSB variation order
22/06/2009 Will Ong Tee Keat tender apology in next 24 hours for misleading Parliament in his eight-minute Ministerial statement on PKFZ scandal or I will move motion to refer him to Committee of Privileges
21/06/2009 What Malaysians need is not another look at the 125 proposals of Police Royal Commission of Inquiry four years ago but another Police RCI to address a very worsened crime crisis in the country
21/06/2009 PR’s foremost task and greatest challenge – resolve PR’s first crisis of confidence by sending out clear message that PR parties committed to “new politics” representing all Malaysians and reject “old politics” of “divide-and-rule” and fear
21/06/2009 Ong’s last chance to “tell all” about the causes and culprits of the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal to salvage his reputation even at the price of losing his Ministership
21/06/2009 Make English a compulsory pass subject for SPM, STPM and matriculation to end and reverse the unchecked decline of English standard in the country in the past three decades
20/06/2009 Muhyiddin pushing for Umno-Pas unity government makes a total mockery of Najib’s 1Malaysia concept, undoing 52 years of Malaysian nation-building by five previous Prime Ministers
20/06/2009 Is Ong Tee Keat going to say in his Ministerial statement on Monday that he is taking legal action against me and therefore there is no need for him to give any accountability for the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal?
19/06/2009 Muhyiddin the latest political leader to do the somersault to become the champion of “Umno-Pas unity government talks” and repudiate Najib’s 1Malaysia concept
19/06/2009 Did OTK regard the post of Transport Minister as just a postman or delivery boy for PKA without any ministerial responsibility to ensure that the RM1.2 billion variation order demanded by Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd for PKFZ was proper and legitimate?
19/06/2009 BN on the defensive in first week of Parliament - added reason why Najib should seek motion of confidence to buttress his credibility, integrity and legitimacy as PM
18/06/2009 PKFZ scandal - Ong Tee Keat should explain whether it is true that he had on 10th May 2009 as Transport Minister pressured the Prime Minister to approve RM1.2 billion payment as variation of costs for PKFZ
18/06/2009 Website launched as part of the effort to get to the bottom of the “scandal of scandals” in the nation’s history
17/06/2009 Najib’s latest tango in the UMNO-PAS “unity government” talks highly suspect as its real motive is to split PAS and divide Pakatan Rakyat
17/06/2009 Ong Tee Keat in absconding overseas to avoid parliamentary accounting, which will result in absence from Cabinet meeting and inability to ensure that the Cabinet rectify the continuing injustice of SPM top scorers denied PSD overseas scholarships
16/06/2009 Where in France have you gone to, Tee Keat, that you dare not announce your overseas programme and travel plans?
15/06/2009 Motion of urgent – Royal Commission of Inquiry into the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal
15/06/2009 Did OTK get specific approval from Najib to be on the run from Parliament this week to avoid parliamentary accounting on the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal?
14/06/2009 Will Ong Tee Keat drop everything in France and take the first flight back to discharge his paramount duty as Minister – to fully account to Parliament on the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal?
14/06/2009 Najib’s two RM67 billion economic stimulus packages are both failures - forecast of 3.5% GDP growth in 2009 ending up in Malaysian economy shrinking by 4-5 per cent
13/06/2009 UMNO is no bully in BN? Then why the instant removal of the poll on MCA President’s blog where 78.1 per cent or 2409 out of 3084 persons polled want MCA out of Barisan Nasional!
13/06/2009 PwC report on PKFZ and appencices - OTK should ensure every MP gets a set
13/06/2009 PKFZ scandal - OTK should cancel overseas trip and not emulate Kong Choy to run overseas to avoid parliamentary accounting
12/06/2009 Will OTK clip the wings and tie the hands of Paul Low and his corporate governance committee to prevent them from conducting a full probe into past PKFZ misdeeds, corrupt practices and abuses of power?
12/06/2009 OTK on the run from 3-questions-a-day on RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal
11/06/2009 PAC inquiry into PKFZ scandal - Azmi Khalid should disqualify himself
11/06/2009 Why is Ong Tee Keat afraid of a Selangor Exco member sitting on the PKA Board and insist on having his own appointee representing Selangor State Govt?
10/06/2009 Ong Tee Keat should be cited for parliamentary contempt in refusing to release the appendices of the PcW audit report on PKFZ scandal to PAC members, allowing them access only during PAC meeting
10/06/2009 When will Ong Tee Keat make public apology for misleading Parliament and nation in past 14 months denying that Liong Sik/Kong Choy had unlawfully issued four Letters of Support
09/06/2009 Congrats Zaki for being conferred a “Tun” but where is Court of Appeal judgment in Nizar vs Zambry case?
09/06/2009 Who was the MCA President most responsible for the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal - Liong Sik or Kong Choy?
09/06/2009 Pakatan Rakyat facing first crisis of confidence since its formation after the March 8 political tsunami last year
08/06/2009 USM Apex Uni admission foul-up - USM shld put online full list of 4,574 students forwarded to UPU
08/06/2009 RM12.5b PKFZ Rip-off - OTK should apologise on behalf of MCA as scandal occurred under watch of 3 MCA Transport Ministers/4 PKA Chairmen
08/06/2009 Najib’s great analysis about failings of BN leaders with himself as foremost example
07/06/2009 PKFZ scandal - suspend Chor as deputy home minister until he is cleared of conflict-of-interest
07/06/2009 Confidence motion in Parliament on June 15 - another reason why Najib needs it
06/06/2009 Questions - will OTK present Ministerial statement on PwC report to Parliament followed by parliamentary debate on RM12.5 billion PKFZ Rip-off?
06/06/2009 Confidence motion in Parliament – Is Najib afraid that he will not get 100% support from Umno/BN MPs?
05/06/2009 "Unity talk" for PR-BN government - never arose or discussed at any PR leadership meeting
05/06/2009 Question No. 21 to OTK – what would have been the fate of MCA/BN leaders responsible for creating the RM12.5 billion PKFZ Rip-Off if this had happened in China?
04/06/2009 Ong Tee Keat’s “roadmap to recovery of PKFZ” reminds me eerily of Myanmar military junta’s “seven-step roadmap to democracy” which leads to nowhere!
04/06/2009 Signs of Malaysia on the verge of vicious cycle of a failed state spreading to more aspects of national life
04/06/2009 Cabinet meeting yesterday a double-disappointment on university education - PSD S'ships and USM Apex Uni fiasco
03/06/2009 Has Malaysia lost the battle to become a developed nation and entered the cycle to become a failed state?
03/06/2009 PKFZ - submission of PwC report to MACC just OTK's PR gimmick?
02/06/2009 Have MARA run out of funds leaving hundreds stranded without their bumiputera student loans – and how can such a financial scandal happen?
02/06/2009 Najib should seek a vote of confidence as the first item of June meeting of Parliament starting on June 15
02/06/2009 Cabinet assurance needed - all 4,574 student-victims of USM foul-up will be given places in other public universities
02/06/2009 Why was Ong Tee Keat so irresponsible to talk about PKFZ may cost less than RM4.6 billion when PwC reported that the PKFZ “white elephant” had escalated to RM7.5 billion and may cost another RM5 billion to total RM12.5 billion?
01/06/2009 Higher Education Minister should ensure that new university intake by UPU to be announced on June 19 provide places for the 4,574 student-victims of the USM Apex University fiasco
01/06/2009 PKFZ questions – why Transport Ministry should not cut losses instead of continuing to throw good money after bad to create a RM12.5 billion PKFZ “white elephant”?