February 2009

28/02/2009 Abdullah/Najib – why their thundering silence on the Selangor Umno Youth mob in Parliament menacing Karpal and other PR MPs?
27/02/2009 Foul is fair, fair is foul” – Malaysian politics getting uglier by the day as Najib gets close to be PM
25/02/2009 ICAC’s praise for MACC “a good start for Malaysia to battle graft” – a supreme insult!
23/02/2009 Abdullah - retract statement that police report be lodged against Perak Speaker Sivakumar
22/02/2009 Zambry - seek legitimacy as Perak MB through state polls
21/02/2009 MACC reduced into “Malaysian Agency for Car and Cows” – Ahmad Said should resign
20/02/2009 Perak political crisis can be ended in 30 days - with snap state elections
18/02/2009 Disgust at the new low in politics
14/02/2009 Zambry - dissolve State Assembly or go down in history as the infamous “illegitimate Perak MB” and dragging with him Najib
13/02/2009 By-elections on April 7 - another example of craven subservience of Election Commission to serve Umno interests
12/02/2009 Rulers can be sued - are judges, lawyers, law professors/lecturers to be charged for treason?
09/02/2009 Shocked and hurt by Karpal’s statement - let the party resolve any differences internally
07/02/2009 Najib as PM – with his infamous pre-100 days, no need for first 100 days
06/02/2009 Constitutional scandal of two Perak MBs - Abdullah should support dissolution and Perak state election
05/02/2009 Najib should stop illegal and unconstitutional power grab in Perak
03/02/2009 Perak political crisis - all options will have to be considered
01/02/2009 Is it RM7 billion national economic stimulus package or RM7 billion BN economic stimulus package?