February 2008

12/02/2008 Chia Kwang Chye will be Khairy's favourite choice as next Gerakan Penang CM
12/02/2008 Samy Vellu "lost his marbles" over Ishwar joining DAP
12/02/2008 Abdullah to ask King to dissolve Parliament tomorrow?
11/02/2008 RCI Lingam Tape - subpoena Syed Ahmad Idid on 112 corruption allegations against 12 judges in 1996
11/02/2008 Tsu Koon's first act - Khairy to decide who is the next Gerakan Penang CM
11/02/2008 Final reminder to Abdullah - don't dissolve Parliament before Pai Tian Gong/Chap Goh Mei
10/02/2008 Tribute to Athi Nahappan and Janaki
10/02/2008 LKS-LGE father-and-son commitment for democracy and justice - nothing to be ashamed unlike other father-and-son teams
10/02/2008 Pak Lah's 5 famous sayings/pledges first 10 days as PM - all broken/dishonoured
10/02/2008 DAP target - win 30-40 parliamentary seats to help defeat BN in 75 seats to deny 2/3 majority
09/02/2008 Parliament dissolution - respect CNY, Pai Tian Gong and international best practices
08/02/2008 CNY messages by BN leaders - evidence that 50 yr nation-building gone very lost or even lost its way
06/02/2008 CNY message - "Mother" of all ang pows to nation and future generations
06/02/2008 “He was the chief justice that the country should not have, but had”
06/02/2008 Bible confiscation - rise of LMNs in Abdullah’s Islam Hadhari
05/02/2008 4 million eligible voters cannot cast their vote - EC should conduct 3-wk final voter registration campaign
05/02/2008 If Parliament is dissolved during CNY, BN leaders must apologise for another insensitivity
05/02/2008 Dr. Basmullah's jailing - is Ka Ting the worst Acting Health Minister in nation's history?
04/02/2008 Don't repeat Deepavali insensitivity last year - let CNY festivities be over before dissolution of Parliament
03/02/2008 Najib apology on demolition of Hindu temple on Deepavali eve - six more apologies by Umno/MIC leaders awaited
02/02/2008 Court action to uphold "caretaker government" concept once Parliament dissolved - will the public support?
02/02/2008 "Don't give BN 75 seats in Parliament" - let it be common objective of all opposition and civil society
01/02/2008 Dr. Basmullah's jailing - Ismail Merican inconsiderate, callous, heartless and unbecoming of top civil servant
01/02/2008 19 new/relocated Chinese primary schools - question each for the five BN leaders