October 2007

31/10/2007 Ops Lalang onslaught on human rights, press freedom, independent judiciary - no signs of better safeguards under Abdullah
29/10/2007 50-50 whether next general election this year or next year
27/10/2007 Apology from PM Abdullah to 106 Ops Lalang ISA detainees
27/10/2007 Cold-blooded killing of two cops, Jayabalan and Alagesan, condemned by all Malaysians
27/10/2007 Don't create new CJ crisis with appointment of first Umno CJ in 50 years
26/10/2007 Abdullahs' 4th anniversary as PM - marked by constitutional crisis with no CJ after Nov. 1?
26/10/2007 Zam - Info Minister under coconut shell or bidding to be Mat Rempit "Godfather"?
25/10/2007 Ahmad Fairuz' extension will provoke new firestorm of protests - Abdullah should submit nominee for new CJ to Rulers' Conference
25/10/2007 Sudden flurry of ACA activities - just intensified pre-election PR as 4 yrs ago?
24/10/2007 Mat Rempit lawlessness - time for PM to give personal attention to end menace
23/10/2007 Open Letter to Ahamd Fairuz - Withdraw application for 6-mth extension as CJ for sake of nation and judiciary
22/10/2007 Shame on Zam - hiding behind Lee Kuan Yew to reject RSF 2007 press freedom index
20/10/2007 Ahmad Fairuz is not fit to continue for a single day as Chief Justice
19/10/2007 Lingam Tape - Another “Three No’s” to Haider Panel’s “Five No’s”
19/10/2007 Landmark RM2.5 million damages ISA decision - AG should make policy decision not to appeal
19/10/2007 Challenge to Ahmad Fairuz - resign as Chief Justice if there is proof he lied and misled Nazri in misleading Parliament with his denial as having advocated abolition of Common Law in August
18/10/2007 ASEAN Charter - why sign it in Singapore Summit if it will be instantly discredited by Myanmar?
18/10/2007 Malaysia's worst-ever ranking in RSF worldwide press freedom index - could be even worse!
17/10/2007 "Never" suspend Myanmar from ASEAN - Hamid's statement most deplorable and reprehensible
17/10/2007 Haider Panel on Lingam Tape - greatest service to cause of justice is to resign en masse
16/10/2007 Who lied? Zam or Pak Lah?
15/10/2007 Zam the "Minister for Truth" ala-Orwell's 1984 in Abdullah administration
14/10/2007 Abdullah the new patron saint for "the truth that is not the truth"?
12/10/2007 Hari Raya message - four things to make Hari Raya on 50th Merdeka anniversary most meaningful
11/10/2007 Lingam Tape - end the rigmarole of Nazri flip-flops, lameduck Haidar Panel and Cabinet micro-managing of inquiry
11/10/2007 Congrats to Sheikh Muszaphar as Malaysia's first angkasawan
10/10/2007 Lingam Tape - Nazri's histrionics powerful reason why RCI needed
09/10/2007 Lingam Tape - Nazri's lame excuse and test for Cabinet tomorrow
08/10/2007 Violent repression of "saffron revolution" - an ASEAN failure and responsibility for which ASEAN nations must make amends
08/10/2007 Lingam Tape - has Nazri let the cat out of the bag how to end all inquiry?
08/10/2007 Rukunegara-reciting/Constitution-waving - pathetic proof of impotence and irrelevance of Gerakan/MCA
07/10/2007 RCI on Lingam Tape - Tsu Koon should show more backbone and tell PM not "if need be" but "very necessary, now!"
05/10/2007 Lingam Tape - a grand conspiracy to "kill" it at the technical level on its authenticity?
04/10/2007 Lingam Tape - Haidar, Mahadev, Lam Thye should return inquiry panel appointment letters to Najib "for the sake of Malaysia"
03/10/2007 Lingam Tape - Haidar Inquiry end up as biggest sham with no proof either way of being authentic or otherwise?
02/10/2007 ASEAN mission on reports of massacre of thousands of monks and protestors by military junta last week
02/10/2007 Lingam Tape - substantive no confidence motion in Ahmad Fairuz as CJ