May 2007

31/05/2007 Abdullah should give 3 mth's notice for Parliament dissolution - to allow PSCs to wind up and submit their reports to Parliament
31/05/2007 Hishammuddin - stop being "childish" and set an early date to meet up with Dong Jiao Zong
31/05/2007 After Lina Joy case - Malaysia, Quo Vadis!
30/05/2007 Malaysia No. 9 ranking in perceived judicial corruption - so groundless/untrue that judiciary/govt. dare not claim credit
30/05/2007 Why 5-month paralysis in appointment of Chief Judge, Malaya?
29/05/2007 Collective resignation of Ministers to give Abdullah free hand to end farce of "half-past six" Cabinet
29/05/2007 Will Cabinet adopt "RM22,500 fines for selling Milo at RM1.80" rule to fight corruption?
28/05/2007 Can of worms - new govt buildings without CFs in last 20 years
28/05/2007 Hishammuddin's directive barring transfer of SK pupils to SJKT/SJKC unlawful/unconstitutional
27/05/2007 Dewan Rakyat House Committee - 5 BN MPs not fit and should resign
26/05/2007 World's second largest court complex - most mishaps and no CF!
26/05/2007 ASSK's continued detention - suspend/expel Myanmar from ASEAN
25/05/2007 MPs Bung Mokhtar/Mohd Said - the "Ugly Malaysians"
25/05/2007 "No more govt inefficiencies, no more IPCMC sabotage, no more mirages"
24/05/2007 Cabinet got time for Manchester United but no time for Building Bridges Inter-faith Dialogue
23/05/2007 RM100 million Parliament "House of Leaks" - Is Abdullah heading a shambolic administration?
22/05/2007 Two sexist BN MPs - Cabinet must step in tomorrow to reject their fake apologies
22/05/2007 Leaders of 5 original ASEAN nations should join call for Aung San Suu Ky's release
21/05/2007 ASEAN MPs back Po Kuan - censure Mohd Said/Bung Mokhtar
20/05/2007 Parliament on fire? DR House Committee must come out of hibernation
20/05/2007 Chia Kwang Chye should not condone the sexism of Mohd Said and Bung Mokhtar
20/05/2007 Parliament as "House of Leaks" - heads must roll in PWD and Works Ministry, or Samy's head should roll
19/05/2007 Nazri vs Dompok - Nazri's double-standards and hypocrisy
19/05/2007 Six reasons why fake apologies and "dishonourable closure" by two sexist BN MPs must be rejected
18/05/2007 Two sexist BN MPs - treating Malaysians as suckers with "apology" which is really no apology
18/05/2007 Parliament as "House of Leaks" - why Samy Vellu did not foresaw it after dramatic inspection 2 years ago?
18/05/2007 Nazri - running spy network among MPs?
17/05/2007 Two sexist BN MPs - Shahrizat gender-desensitised when she should have gender-sensitised Cabinet
17/05/2007 Bernard Dompok's resignation as PSCI chairman - red-light warning that Abdullah's anti-corruption campaign run aground
16/05/2007 Shame - week-long silence of Chairman of Parl Caucus on Gender Equality and support of 2 caucus members to 2 sexist MPs
15/05/2007 Parliamentary Roundtable to demand "First-World Parliament NOW" where there is no sexist, "male chauvinism"
15/05/2007 Sudden cancellation of PSCI meeting - connected with proposal to invite Mahathir to talk about "Project False I/Cs" and corruption?
15/05/2007 I never felt more mortified in my 33 years as MP - with "rubbish-bin" Senate "rubbishing" Dewan Rakyat
15/05/2007 Urgent fax to PM - three priority issues which Cabinet should address tomorrow
14/05/2007 Raja Nazrin sets golden standard of exemplary conduct for rulers and political leaders
14/05/2007 "Project Mahathir" - Mahathir should appear before Integrity Select Committee
14/05/2007 Abdullah must not condone crude and abominable conduct of the two sexist BN MPs
14/05/2007 Jamaludin Jarjis - stop censoring the press and be man enough to make public apology to Sheena Moorthy
13/05/2007 Building Bridges Interfaith Conference - strange, stranger and strangest
12/05/2007 Ipoh Timur kicks off support for Po Kuan and condemn two sexist BN MPs
12/05/2007 "Bring On United"! "Bring On Building Bridges Conference"!
12/05/2007 Why Samy Vellu is "untouchable" and "unsackable" as Minister
12/05/2007 Shahrir cannot distinguish between right and wrong - as to criticise Po Kuan and back the two sexist BN MPs
11/05/2007 Is there not a single woman BN MP who will stand up for Po Kuan and women dignity and condemn the sexist BN MP duo?
10/05/2007 Ketuanan Melayu - are students taught that this is mere history which contradicts Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020?
10/05/2007 Grim and bleak Mother's Day
10/05/2007 Last-minute ban on int. Muslim-Christian diagloue -big blow to Malaysia's reputation as model multi-religious nation
10/05/2007 Another RM22 million scandal to inspect new Putrajaya buildings - Malaysians made suckers!
10/05/2007 Withdrawal of Maybank 50% bumi rule - first Ijok effect but tactical retreat or strategic decision?
09/05/2007 50th Merdeka Anniversary National Mission - restore Malaysia's position as No. 2 in Asia in economic development
09/05/2007 RM1.9 billion SMART Tunnel safety - DAP MPs wants on-the-spot assurance/demo by Samy Vellu before opening
08/05/2007 Can Samy Vellu guarantee that the RM1.9 billion SMART Tunnel will be trouble-free when it opens on Monday?
07/05/2007 Samy Vellu - why marginalisation of Indians worsened nine years after Anwar sacked from Umno?
07/05/2007 Freeze new Maybank bumi ruling until EPU methodology on ethnic equity ownership made public


Taib Mahmud digging hole to bury himself with preposterous bill to silence the Opposition?

06/05/2007 Scrap Maybank ruling on 50% bumi partnership for law firms on its panel - unacceptable NEP exgension
05/05/2007 PM - reprimand and discipline JJ for racist remarks against Malaysian Indians in California
05/05/2007 BN no reason to exult over Ijok - but fatal mistake to think next poll is "harvest time" for Opposition
05/05/2007 Next Constitution Amendment Bill - introduce Article 121(1B) to restore non-Muslim rights
04/05/2007 Public building mishaps - end Samy Vellu farce, get Cabinet out of the way and emulate South Korean/Singapore examples
04/05/2007 Congrats and 3 immediate tasks for Raymond Tan as new Sabah DCM
04/05/2007 BN's Pyrrhic victory in Ijok - next general election before 50th Merdeka celebrations on August 31?
03/05/2007 "Pokkiri" film controversy ends - school principal admits mistake
03/05/2007 Ijok/Machap - Umno more concerned than MCA about swing of Chinese votes to Opposition?
02/05/2007 Tip of iceberg? More disastrous public building mishaps to come?
02/05/2007 Ijok - full Parliament debate next week if PM wants to know reasons for Chinese swing to Opposition
01/05/2007 Public building mishaps - once is accident, twice is coincidence, thrice is systemic government collapse
01/05/2007 Ijok - Raja Nazrin has answer for swing of Chinese voters to Opposition