December 2007

31/12/2007 World's tallest Mazu statue in Kudat - call for RCI on misgovernance by all 3 tiers of government
31/12/2007 Ring out 2007 "annus horribilis" and bring in 2008 with hope and change, starting with forthcoming general election
29/12/2007 Landmark achievement of Tawau "Don Quixote" case in defence of open spaces
29/12/2007 Abdullah's host of great breaches of his great "First 100 Days as PM" pledges
27/12/2007 Next general election in next 80 days or it will be mid-year or third quarter
27/12/2007 Samy "flunked" test 40 months ago - now "rat running across the street"
26/12/2007 Hishammuddin threat - Tsu Koon should requsition BN Supreme Council meeting to stop bullying/intimidation
26/12/2007 Herald controversy - Is Abdullah leader of Malaysian moderates protecting middle ground against extremists?
24/12/2007 PM should overrule Johari and rescind Internal Security Ministry order to HERALD
24/12/2007 Gerakan to expel Paranjothy - George Orwell's Animal Farm dictum reigns supreme in BN
24/12/2007 Malaysian Indian political awakening - must not fall into trap of being tarred "anti-Malay"
23/12/2007 Indian marginalisation - Hishammudin's ultimatum to Tsu Koon threatening severance of ties
23/12/2007 PM/IGP - heed Nazrin/Musa, respect Constitution and allow peaceful demonstrations
22/12/2007 Fake thesis and pseud-PhDs - why no action by Mustapha and Higher Education Ministry?
22/12/2007 No IPCMC "lion" with teeth and claws but a toothless/clawless SCC mouse
21/12/2007 Political tsunami by Malaysian Indian voters in next general election?
21/12/2007 Somnambulant Governance at work - "Ban" of International Building Bridges Conference 2007 in KL
20/12/2007 General election expected in March – Indian voters “kingmakers” in 28 parliament/78 state assembly seats
19/12/2007 Religious polarisation most serious in 4 yrs under Abdullah as compared to four previous Prime Ministers
19/12/2007 Parliamentary Roundtable of MPs/NGO/NGI to salvage IPCMC next Thursday
19/12/2007 Abdullah plunging to new depth of shambolic government with "somnambulant governance"?
18/12/2007 Gani owes public apology to Batu Caves 31 for travesty of justice of total incarceration of 403 days
18/12/2007 Abdullah just don't get it - that he has already disappointed Malaysians after biggest-ever electoral mandate 4 yrs ago
18/12/2007 Defer the fake IPCMC Bill till next March to allow for proper public consultation
17/12/2007 Challenge to AG/IGP to substantiate or withdraw terrorist charges against Hindraf
17/12/2007 Fake IPCMC Bill consultation tonight – will anybody be there?
17/12/2007 Hishammuddin's antediluvian pledge of "no closure of Chinese primary schools"
16/12/2007 Emergency Public Consultation on fake IPCMC Bill - Tunku Aziz, Param, Malek Imtiaz and Ragunath coming
16/12/2007 Call to AG - drop "attempted murder" and all other charges against Batu Caves 31
16/12/2007 New list for ISA arrests - Ops Lalang 2 in the works?
15/12/2007 PM-Indian NGOs meeting - utter failure of MIC and Samy, reduced to silent observer/note-taker
15/12/2007 False IPCMC Bill (SCC Bill) - emergency public consultation in KL on Monday
14/12/2007 Special Complaints Commission - totally different creature and very negation of IPCMC proposal
13/12/2007 Urgent Parliament motion on Lingam Tape RCI - unacceptable chairman and unsatisfactory terms of reference
12/12/2007 Haidar as head of Lingam Tape RCI and restricted terms of reference - most disappointing and great letdown
12/12/2007 Zaki should support Chief Justice's vow of "house-cleaning" of judiciary with three measures
10/12/2007 Abdullah - listen to Musa Hitam and step on the brakes for a major Ops Lalang crackdown
10/12/2007 Abdullah's Black Sunday for human rights on International Human Rights Day
09/12/2007 AG's Hindraf selective and malicious prosecution - widening crisis of confidence in administration of justice
09/12/2007 Human Rights Day arrests - police takes off velvet glove to show iron fist
08/12/2007 Terrorist links - stop demonising Hindraf leaders and two million Indians for speaking up against marginalisation
07/12/2007 Zaki's quadruple jump as Court of Appeal President - will he undertake to recuse himself from all cases involving UMNO?
07/12/2007 Call on AG to agree to bail for 31 Hindraf protestors - emergency debate in Parliament on Monday
06/12/2007 Restore world-class status for Malaysian universities - two first steps
06/12/2007 Criticism of "ethnic cleansing" no excuse for BN disregard of cry of two million Malaysian Indians for end of marginalisation
05/12/2007 Zam - "Eminent journalist" who has "become predator of the press"
05/12/2007 48 hours for two BN MPs to apologise for slur on mission schools
05/12/2007 Why AG appeared for charging 26 Hindraf supporters but did not appear for Altantunya murder trial?
04/12/2007 How many mission schools in the country have the cross removed from school emblem?
04/12/2007 3 critical issues which Cabinet cannot continue to procrastinate tomorrow
04/12/2007 PM should head Cabinet Task Force to end marginalisation of Indians and all marginalised groups
03/12/2007 Extremist demands for removal of cross and demolition of Christian statutes in mission schools
03/12/2007 Zero-negligence in hospitals and not Chua Soi Lek's "medical mistakes inevitable"
02/12/2007 Hindraf demo - PM should heed "cry of desperation" of Malaysian Indians at marginalization
01/12/2007 Crime - increase by leaps and bounds and mutate to new criminality
01/12/2007 Hindraf demo - Pak Lah's "Big Ears" hearing problem