November 2006

30/11/2006 Minister and Deputy Ministers must master their subjects when they come to Parliament
30/11/2006 Cabinet should order immediate halt to demolition of Hindu temples and places of worship by local authorities
29/11/2006 Pak Lah's stout defence of his premiership fell flat completely
27/11/2006 Keris-wielding Hishammuddin the most divisive and polarised Education Minister in history
26/11/2006 Disgrarceful - only 2 Ministers from 15 Ministries (with 22 Ministers) replying in Parliament for past 12 days
24/11/2006 Will Umno "fire and brimestone" assembly trigger a new exodus of Malaysian professionals, both Malay and non-Malay?
24/11/2006 Ban live-telecast of Umno GA - MCA/MIC Ministers barking up wrong tree
24/11/2006 Unprecedented RM10 salary-cut motion against four front-benchers in one go
23/11/2006 Police action on seditious Umno speeches - Parliament expect report on Dec. 7
22/11/2006 Protest to PM on absence of Ministers and 'half-past six" replies in Parliament
21/11/2006 AG should prosecute Umno leaders who raise May 13 spectre to threaten inter-racial harmony
20/11/2006 MPSP demolition of Bukit Mertajam temple - Tsu Koon should set up independent commission of inquiry
20/11/2006 Emergency Parliamentary debate - Hishammuddin's keris-waving and the racist and seditious Umno general assembly speeches
19/11/2006 Two blots of 2006 Umno general assemblies
18/11/2006 Umno GA incendiary rhetoric - setback nation building by decades
17/11/2006 Pak Lah's winding-up speech at Umno GA - most disappointing
17/11/2006 Muhammad Taib as Senator - ballooning shadow over Abdullah's steadfastness to improve integrity
16/11/2006 No quorum - Parliament adjourns half-hour earlier - Umno scant regard for Parliament
16/11/2006 Abdullah's three-year report card fails to pass muster
15/11/2006 Hishammuddin warning Umno Youth to block Tsu Koon/Tee Kiat from becoming Federal Ministers?
14/11/2006 Bumiputera corporate equity - motion to refer Awang Adek/Effendi to Committee of Privileges rejected
13/11/2006 Corruption - Mahathir has "turned the table" on Abdullah
12/11/2006 Little Napoleons and the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder
11/11/2006 Why not appoint Lim Teck Ghee or Ismail Salleh as first Royal Professor Ungku Aziz Chair?
10/11/2006 Anti-corruption campaign - Abdullah doing his record a grave disservice
10/11/2006 Give Asli/Fazilah reports to Umno delegates to avoid uninformed/irrational debate next week
09/11/2006 Call on Abdullah to act as a leader for all Malaysians and not just Malays
09/11/2006 Sack ACA Director-General Zulkipli Mat Noor over Malaysia's continued slide in the past three years
08/11/2006 End the "Close-One-Eye" or "Blame Mahathir" Syndromes
08/11/2006 Malaysia must be the premier magnet
06/11/2006 Three years after the euphoria over Abdullah's pledge of reform and integrity
06/11/2006 Demystifying Corporate Equity Calculations
06/11/2006 Call on government to make public methodology and data on NEP equity ownership and distribution
02/11/2006 Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister will be held to their public undertaking
02/11/2006 Umno members are immune from the Anti-Corruption Act 1997 for money politics
01/11/2006 MIC thuggery and gangsterim mismanaging the trust and rights of 66,000 Maika Holdings shareholders with thuggish
01/11/2006 Call on Abdullah to present a Prime Ministerial statement