July 2006

29/07/2006 Zam’s “Declaration of War” against the media
28/07/2006 End of 31-month “false dawn” of Abdullah premiership?
28/07/2006 Teargas attack on Mahathir in KB Airport despicable
27/07/2006 Media freedom and MSC Bill of Guarantee of “no internet censorship” facing critical test
27/07/2006 Call on Abdullah to withdraw his ban on Article 11 and inter-faith forums
26/07/2006 Is the curtain for greater openness, accountability and transparency pledged by Abdullah coming down?
25/07/2006 All university lecturers should be sent to a compulsory course on Ethnic Relations
24/07/2006 Azalina’s statement is an open defiance of the Prime Minister
23/07/2006 The second round of Mahathir-Abdullah political tussle is probably the most important and decisive one
23/07/2006 Why did Mustapha announce a committee of inquiry only on Saturday after I had emailed him the videoclip?
22/07/2006 Higher Education Ministry and university quality in Malaysia an international  joke
22/07/2006 Mustapha has not to condone the indefensible with his continued silence and refusal to condemn mob rule
21/07/2006 Mustapha should prove his mettle in his second test as  Higher Education Minister
20/07/2006 Mustapha should direct full investigation into Monday’s UPM incident of assault
20/07/2006 How can Malaysian universities become world-class centres of academic excellence?
19/07/2006 Is the post of Higher Education Minister jinxed?
18/07/2006 Cabinet should establish a Commission of Inquiry to ascertain the causes and events of May 13, 1969
18/07/2006 Mustapha will undermine all efforts to raise university excellence
17/07/2006 Abdullah must shoot down the first “white elephant” project of his premiership
17/07/2006 Glorify UMNO and poison the minds of the new generation against Opposition and dissent
16/07/2006 Abdullah should set his face against mega-projects and massive expenditures
14/07/2006 No signs of any political will to amend UUCA to free lecturers and students
13/07/2006 All plans for RM490 million Sports Training Centre outside London should be frozen
12/07/2006 Time for full and total disclosure of the RM30 billion Bank Negara forex losses
11/07/2006 Lim Si Cheng should not under any circumstances “protect” the government

Information from MOHE about students being sold to the private sector?

10/07/2006 Fundamental governance questions and public interest issues warrants immediate attention by Parliament
09/07/2006 DAP will provide free legal service to challenge constitutionality of NRR
08/07/2006 No Royal Commission for mega-financial scandals – why Najib so quick "on-the-draw"?
07/07/2006 Police stand that it no longer objects to IPCMC most welcome and commendable
08/07/2006 Notice given for Monday urgent motion in Parliament for Royal Commission of Inquiry
06/07/2006 Cabinet next week must set up Royal Commission of Inquiry into RM1.8 billion  Tajuddin-MAS bailout
05/07/2006 Jasin MP should volunteer to appear before Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity on his allegation
03/07/2006 Gerbang Perdana in a “Head I win, Tail You Lose” situation asking for RM360 million compensation
02/07/2006 Cabinet should present White Paper in Parliament giving full, proper and satisfactory explanation
01/07/2006 Ministers, Deputy Ministers,  Parl Secretaries and  BN MPs are committing parliamentary contempt
01/07/2006 Customs DG and Jasin MP should be summoned  to appear before Parliamentary Select Committee