February 2006

28/02/2006 Higher Education - Mustapha shld honour undertakings not fulfilled by Shafie
28/02/2006 OUM-IPD advert - shame to Rukunegara and English standard
25/02/2006 Drop all police action against Jeff Ooi
24/02/2006 Keng Yaik's water bills consultation - why Opposition MPs excluded?
24/02/2006 NST cartoon furore - media freedom finally greatest casualty?
23/02/2006 Senate appointments - give civil society right to object
23/02/2006 Don't slide down more chilly/slippery slope of media censorship
22/02/2006 Give RTM free rein to be independent news organisations
21/02/2006 RM4.6 million 2002 Mahathir-Bush meeting - Megat Junid should explain
20/02/2006 80% recommendations implemented - why police not trumpeting from rooftops?
20/02/2006 Police Commission recommendations - IGP's belated/grudging support
18/02/2006 Cabinet reshuffle fast becoming a farce
17/02/2006 KPIs for Ministers?
16/02/2006 Designate Minister with special responsibility on reform and integrity
15/02/2006 Waffle of Cabinet reshuffle - 9MP Cabinet as intractable problem as 9MP
14/02/2006 Cabinet reshuffle a great disappointment
14/02/2006 MM questions on 1 Euro Agusta sale - Proton must answer
11/02/2006 IPCMC - AG should give top priority
10/02/2006 IPCMC - Hishammuddin/UMNO Youth should revoke opposition
09/02/2006 Lecturers' English "practically incomprehensible"
08/02/2006 IPCMC - table mid-term 2-yr reform report for all ministries/depts
07/02/2006 Danish cartoon row - can Malaysia promote global dialogue?
06/02/2006 IPCMC- Pak Lah's reassurrance thrown into doubt less than 24 hrs
06/02/2006 MRR2- Pak Lah's ship-of-state listing and foundering
05/02/2006 Botakgate - Discipline Kajang OCPD
04/02/2006 Botakgate scandal - PM should reaffirm decision to set up IPCMC
03/02/2006 Shaving bald 11 mostly senior citizens in Kajang -new police respect for human rights?
02/02/2006 Unqualified doctors without clinical skills